Some works on paper in progress

Here is some work in progress, March, 2018. For the first time in 7 years I was able to use my former studio space to hang up a lot of things when it was empty between tenants.

Beginning to bring black into the work…. thinking about the years I spent in the darkroom, and pushing the finished/unfinished qualities.

The large half painted pastel black piece with lone figure (my mom on the beach in Ogunquit in 1972 in her hand made bikini swimsuit) was finished a few months later for my 2018 summer show. This shows the very start of that piece, one of my negative paintings.


The image below is characteristic of the many works on paper and studies I often made between 2015 and 2018, when I was tirelessly mining my beloved Lands and Peoples books.

Above: Heat, 2017. Graphite, Ink and acrylic on paper, 18 x 24 inches

Poyourow_Jill_40Above: Supraphon, 2017. Gouache, watercolor, acrylic, ink and graphite on paper, 45 x 70 inches

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